Internet Sevice

ProTech is proud to offer products and services to connect your business to the internet.

We provide dedicated high-speed internet access. T-1 represents an outstanding value for connectivity to the internet. T-1 is a high-speed digital line which is monitored by the telephone company so that your connection is always there. We also offer all of the necessary services to do business on the internet including domain name hosting, web development, website hosting and email. Contact ProTech for more information.

ProTech can also meet all of your internet connectivity hardware needs. We have products from Fastcomm and Cisco International to connect your network to the internet.

Internet Service price list
One Time Setup fee: $300

Monthly Fees
$50 for the first user (IP address) and $25 per user after that with a minimum $100 charge. Maximum charge is $400.00 for T1 speed internet access.

Contact your ProTech sales representative for pricing on advanced services such as domain hosting, web development, email forwarding and internet access.

Contact your local telephone company representative for DSL to T1 speed digital internet connectivity pricing.